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Lee is a non-theist, non-binary Witch and runs Do The Magical Thing on YouTube. Topics vary from aggressive research to winging it. Lee’s magical practice primarily focuses on how we are connected to all things and how we can use that connection to communicate our will in a creative way.
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A practical witchcraft podcast hosted by Bree NicGarran, author of Grovedaughter Witchery. Every month, join Bree for a discussion of secular witchcraft, tips for witching on a budget, finding good resources, furthering your magical education, and keeping your common sense superpowers strong as well as history, folklore, and literature.


The Naturalistic Paganism blog and website contains a wealth of resources for Naturalistic Pagans (those who celebrate our real world with Pagan practices such as the Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, Tarot, ritual, etc - without any belief in the supernatural, while working for a just, healthy and sustainable future). Follow this blog for free information!
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Sedna is an atheist witch, placebo magic enthusiast, and youtube content creator. Her skeptical witchery lacks supernatural belief but she does use ritual and aesthetics to trick her brain into being a little bit happier and more creative. She shares information about her practice on her YouTube channel SednaWoo, which she began in 2019.

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