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CritWitchCon 2023

Environment, Community, and Responsible Magic

Sept. 29 - Oct. 1 - online

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$35 – LIVE access + access to session recordings

$25 – access to session recordings only

Environment, Community, and Responsible Magic

Move into October and start spooky season (for those who celebrate) off right!

While our first Con’s theme was “All of it! We’re so excited, and anything goes!”, and in year two we refined slightly (DIY and Personalization) – this year, we’re really digging in.

This theme encompasses a lot! We are welcoming and touching on topics such as; accessibility, sustainability, interconnectedness, environmental action, activism, and more.

Starting Friday Sept 29th, through Sunday, October 1st, join us online to connect with like-minded witches from around the world, and to learn a bit along the way.


All times in Eastern Time Zone (UTC-4). Agenda subject to change and adjustment.

Download agenda PDF >>

Day 1
Friday, Sept. 29
Witches' Ball

4:00 PM - Welcome and Opening

4:30 PM - Critical Thinking Witch Collective Glossary

4:50 PM - Group Spell: Safety for Those Seeking Refuge and Protection

5:05 PM - BREAK!

5:15 PM - Community Connection

6:20 PM - Cauldron Talks: Responsible & Accessible Witchcraft

6:55 PM - Thank You and Closing

Day 2
Saturday, Sept. 30

9:30 AM - Welcome and Opening

9:40 AM - Panel: The Scientific Method and Building a Craft (Explore, Experiment, Learn, Repeat)

10:25 AM - Group Spell: Safety For Those Seeking Refuge & Protection

10:40 AM - BREAK!

11:00 AM - Panel: Publication and Sharing Knowledge

11:45 AM - Live "episode" of Hex Positive: Stardust Sessions!

12:25 PM - Community Connection

12:50 PM - LONG BREAK (with looped recorded content)

1:50 PM - Panel: Found in Translation - Shared Meaning from STEM to Spell

2:35 PM - Panel: Witch Businesses and Community

3:10 PM - Movement Session with Tesni

3:25 PM - BREAK!

3:40 PM - Cauldron Talk: Responsible & Accessible Witchcraft

4:20 PM - Community Connection

4:50 PM - Closing & Goodbye (for today)

Day 3
Sunday, Oct. 1
Witches' Brunch/Supper

10:30 AM - Welcome and Opening

10:40 AM - Cauldron Talks: Witchcraft and Connection

11:20 AM - Workshops: Crafting in the Craft
(25 min. each: pick two)

12:10 PM - BREAK!

12:20 PM - Panel: Materiality - Witch Accessory Gradient

1:00 PM - Movement Session with Tesni

1:15 PM - BREAK!

1:25 PM - Group Spell: Safety for Those Seeking Refuge and Protection

1:45 PM - Shadow Work (Presentation & Demonstration)

2:20 PM - BREAK!

2:30 PM - Cauldron Talks: The World Within Your Reach

3:10 PM - Panel: Partnering with Your Local Environment

3:50 PM - Community Connection

4:15 PM - Thank You and Closing

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