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Brew May

Pop-Culture and Witchcraft!

May 19, 2024
3:00PM-4:30PM Eastern Time

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Cost: Free!
As always, no breakout rooms will be recorded.
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Pop-Culture and Witchcraft

From Discworld to Billy Shakes, from DnD to Sabrina, and from grandmothers your reindeer couldn’t run over to witchlings making “soup” in muddy backyards – witches are everywhere. And so is pop-culture!  Join your global community of critical thinking witches and visit a topic so pervasive, it even sits on some of our heads: that fascinating intersection of popular culture and witchcraft. We’ll be talking about games, TV shows, pop-culture on our own altars, bedtimes stories, costumes, and so much more.

Bring your thoughts on pop, and we’ll bring ours!

We’re excited to share that we’ll be joined by Lozzie Stardust, a history-loving witch (to whom “Billy Shakes” should be credited) and occasional contributor to the Hex Positive podcast, as we page through popular culture and make it out own.

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