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2023 Convention Vendors & Sponsors

Photo of a box of tarot cards in the center with the cards scattered around it.

Artisan Tarot

William Rader and Krisztin Kondor founded Artisan Tarot in 2019. They curate and create the finest artisanal tarot related products. Their vision is to popularize historic decks by creating elegant restorations and recreations that inspire the imaginations of modern readers. ✨ In 2023 Artisan Tarot increased their support by sponsoring one of CTWC's Ticket Scholarship spots. ✨
Logo: Bree

Bree NicGarran

Bree NicGarran grew up in the wilds of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and now resides in Tidewater, VA. She is the host of the Hex Positive podcast and her breakout work, Grovedaughter Witchery, has been hailed by the online pagan community as a new standard text for beginner witches. She lives with her husband and two very spoiled ginger cats, and is very glad that none of them seem to mind having a pagan altar in the living room.

Crash Reads Cards

"I’m Crash Margulies (they/them/neutral terms) of Crash Reads Cards and Claw & Wing Collective. I do intuitive Tarot readings and make weird witchy objects. My most recent venture is Pop Culture, Alternative, & Eclectic Prayer Beads! As someone who grew up with rosaries, I've found I miss the tactile aspect of prayer beads. However, when looking into pagan, witchy, and alternative beads, I found they didn't seem to match the purpose I thought prayer beads were for – keeping track of your spot in a prayer or series of prayers. So I thought, what other prayers could I make beads for? What resonates with me now, as an agnostic witch? I turned to my favorite songs, poems, and art, and Pop Culture Prayer Beads were born."
Photo of bone earrings with words "Dead Hearts" at bottom

Dead Hearts

Dead Hearts is a small jewelry business focusing on bone and crystal jewelry. All of our bones are sourced ethically, either found and processed by myself, or from trusted sources who gather the bones rather than hunt the animal. We also create and sell vintage and victorian inspired jewelry, taking inspiration from memento mori pieces.
Photo of Savannah Rayne carefully sculpting a small clay creation.

The DIY Witch

Savannah Rayne (she/they), or The DIY Witch as she's known on social media, is a PNW based art witch, creating monsters and fae, and bringing their own fantasy world to life. With an eclectic mix of art and accessories, everything is handmade with love and weirdness for you to enjoy!

Echo Zines

Echo Zines is a creative project by Nina Zina (she/her or they/them) that is based in Belgium. As Echo Zines, Nina produces zines, postcards, stickers, buttons, and spell bags (and she plays in the feminist witch punk band Lavender Witch!). The witch zines that Nina makes talk about herbal magic, amulets, self-love potions, mundane witchcraft, and personal reflections about skeptical witchery. Echo Zines’ stickers and buttons feature sigils for self-empowerment and for queer, anti-racist, and accessibility activism, and the postcards depict witches in various settings. Nina also sews and assembles spell bags with natural and repurposed ingredients to promote self-care and community care.
A wet felted witch hat, made from natural wool, most of which came from Grendelmouse’s own sheep. The colors of the hat are a soft, dappled mix of blues, greens, whites, and grays, and the point of the hat has a playful curve. Attached to the hat’s brim is a collection of clean, dry bones wrapped in red cord, a spray of juniper sprigs, and blue nazar beads. The hat sits on a red table, and behind it can been seen a spinning wheel, and a pale green wall.

Grendelmouse Pottery and Craft

Grendelmouse Pottery and Craft makes pottery and craft for your magical common and uncommon rituals. “Inspired by nature often made with things I find and grow.” Contact on Instagram for purchase.

Hume Curio

Hume Curio offers witchy books, zines, and art by K. D. Hume (any pronouns). K.D. has many ventures, including publishing on Smashwords and curating the Museum of Contemporary Witchcraft, located in Olympia, Washington, USA, a private museum that researches and curates modern witchcraft beliefs and artifacts. A secular organization, we collect artifacts from any path or creed of witch, focusing on the artistic and cultural value of magic and ritual.
Logo: Hex Positive

SPONSOR: Hex Positive

A practical witchcraft podcast hosted by Bree NicGarran, author of Grovedaughter Witchery. Every month, join Bree for a discussion of secular witchcraft, tips for witching on a budget, finding good resources, furthering your magical education, and keeping your common sense superpowers strong as well as history, folklore, and literature.
Purple-toned photo of Lee with white text overlaid: Do The Magical Thing: on Youtube and Instagram. Experiments and experiences in witchcraft.

SPONSOR: Do The Magical Thing

Lee is a non-theist, non-binary Witch and runs Do The Magical Thing on YouTube. Topics vary from aggressive research to winging it. Lee’s magical practice primarily focuses on how we are connected to all things and how we can use that connection to communicate our will in a creative way.

Moonflower Alchemy

Moonflower Alchemy sells a mixture of handmade & third party items that celebrate witchy/pagan & queer/LGBTQIA+ cultures. We feature handmade copper-plated jewelry, pagan & queer embroidered patches, buttons featuring pronouns & LGBTQIA+ Pride flags, crocheted Pride bunting, hand painted drinking horns, stickers, and more.

SPONSOR: Naturalistic Paganism

The Naturalistic Paganism blog and website contains a wealth of resources for Naturalistic Pagans (those who celebrate our real world with Pagan practices such as the Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, Tarot, ritual, etc - without any belief in the supernatural, while working for a just, healthy and sustainable future). Follow this blog for free information!

Paintbox Soapworks

Founded on something of a dare in 2009, Paintbox Soapworks is devoted to making small batch soaps, skincare, & bath products in unique & irreverent scents. This is a one-person show, & each product is made by hand using vegan-friendly, coconut-free, & custom formulas with no SLS, parabens, or phthalates. My goal is to get you clean & smelling amazing, & to work a little magic with every blend I make to transform & transport you. Every scent has a story!
Logo: Portland Button Works with graphic of a slice of wood showing tree rings, with a black raven on the slice.

Portland Button Works & The Spiral House Shop

Portland Button Works & The Spiral House Shop is run by Alex Wrekk (they/she) out of The Spiral House in Portland, Oregon, USA (Ancestral land of Clackamas and Cowlitz people). Alex Wrekk is an agnostic secular witch and soft animist who spends a lot of time on Tumblr as upthewitchypunx. Portland Button Works makes custom pin-back buttons in 4 sizes. The Spiral House Shop is a thoughtfully curated selection of zines, books, pin-back buttons, magnets, divination decks & other curiosities. Our selection of books emphasizes traditional & folkloric witchcraft, chaos magic, secular witchcraft, queer witchcraft, politics & social justice witchcraft, herb and plant magic, folklore & other topics related to witchcraft, magic, paganism, and the occult.
Logo: Black and white illustration of a witch with glasses and the text Sedna Woo at bottom.


Through HappyKoiPotteryShop, SednaWoo sells what she loves: “I love making pottery. I became hooked when I was forced to take my first ceramics class while attending university and I've been working with clay pretty much continually since then. It's been over twenty years now, and, my, how time flies. I'm a full time high school art teacher but any time I can I steal away to my studio I do. Teaching can be grueling and working with my hands keeps my head clear. Etsy is a simple and strait-forward way to sell my ware. I do have to sell it or things will pile up.”

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