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Our mission is to bring together a community of critical thinking witches and seekers of all varieties – centering the secular, nontheistic, agnostic, atheist, skeptical, and science-minded – to meet, network, commune, collaborate, share, support one another, and learn from each other in kindness, curiosity, and creativity. We strive to foster a safer space where magic and science are respected equally, acknowledging that there can be genuine beauty and meaning in the mysterious.


What is the CTWC's definition of a "critical thinking witch?"

A "critical thinking witch" can be many things, but we define the term thus:

Critical thinking witches include, but are not limited to, secular, nontheistic, atheist, agnostic, skeptical, and science-minded witches.

Critical thinking witches are reflective and thoughtful about their craft without rejecting or demeaning the paths of others.

Critical thinking witches are mindful of misinformation but are open to new information regardless of how it may or may not intersect with our current understanding of the world. We are reflect on the differences between history and mythology, data and lore.

Critical thinking witches are mindful of the realized and potential biases present in the historical record, resultant of those doing the recording the consuming. We are critical of how historians are not always accurate in their depictions of historical events or cultures.

We accept and implement the Scientific Method:  we assess and reassess; resisting without being close-minded.

Who are the Administrators / Organizers?

We are a group of volunteers who started coming together in 2021 to create an awesome virtual space for people like us:  witches who seek rational, logical, and reasonable interactions with the world and with our relationship to "magic."

Why was this space created?

Our goal was to create a community where critical thinking witches could meet, commune, work together, network, share, and learn from each other in free quarterly "Brews," and during our annual virtual Conference.

The space was initially created from a virtually-based group of self-associated atheist and nontheist witches who longed to meet one another in person. When this all began, we were currently in the middle of a worldwide health crisis, and we felt it was best to start online and build from there.

What can I learn and discuss here?

First and foremost, we learn about and discuss witchcraft.

There is no truly inclusive list of topics because there are so many people and interests in our community, but much of our community expertise focuses on DIY (do it yourself), custom practice building, critical discussion on witchcraft, folklore, "woo," history, sharing skills and knowledge on green witchery, divination, sigil crafting, spell building, personal and accessory safety, ancestor relationships, research, and a whole lot more.

Who is welcome, and who can participate?

While our efforts are centered on self-identified witches, this space welcomes, respects, and seeks to empower those who, like witches, are on the fringe and do not have sufficient mainstream support. This includes, but is not limited to, ethnic and religious minorities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, sex workers, those with disabilities, those formerly incarcerated, and those struggling with home/food/work insecurities.

Is being a witch a requirement?

Identifying as a witch is not a requirement for participating. With this in mind, however, keep in mind that this space was created by witches, is heavily populated by witches, and is prioritized for witches.

Neither negativity toward witchcraft nor proselytizing will be tolerated.

Is being an atheist or nontheist a requirement?

Absolutely not. There are, in fact, members of our community who do not entirely fit within the atheist or nontheist categories. Our priority in this space, however, is for secular, atheist, agnostic, skeptical, and science-minded witches and seekers.

We welcome anyone open to respectfully exploring these paths and ideas.

What is the etiquette to participate in this space?

We expect everyone to be kind, courteous, respectful, and assume no-ill intent; in short, be a good community member: we're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. It's essential that we all treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. It's also important to note that this community space grew out of a group of people with a high "salt and sass" content, much of which is reflected in the Organizers and the community itself. We get playful, we get silly, we get bawdy, we get sarcastic, and we get salt about inequalities. This is a safer space, but it's not an ascetic space.

With more of a focus toward individual Brews or the Conference itself, there are a few other things to be aware of. Be mindful of your microphone, and mute yourself when you aren't speaking. In general, use inclusive and non-alienating language. Read the room, and try to be aware of topics which are not ideal for a given group or mood. Be ready to listen, apologize, learn, and correct yourself if a misstep is respectfully pointed out. Listen to, and heed the Organizers. Come ready to be joyful, make friends, share (whatever you're willing and happy to share), and ask questions.

We expect everyone to be respectful to each other while engaging in productive and fun discourse. No hate, bullying, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.Violation will see you removed with no recourse provided.

We consider all of this fairly straightforward, and we do not promise a warning. Please keep this in mind. Administrator / Organizers will always do our best to give a warning where possible or applicable, but we will not hesitate to remove and/or ban without a warning in order to preserve the safety of the server, venue, forum, event, and community.

We work to accessibility. What does that mean?

We endeavor to foster a space that is as accessible as possible to the best of our ability and knowledge. This means that we will occasionally fall short, but we will always do our best to resolve issues as we are made aware of them.

What's the difference between a Witches' Brew and the Conference?

The Witches’ Brews are free quarterly events that usually consist of a panel, a workshop, and guided discussion in breakout rooms on Zoom. Each Brew has a different theme. You gain access by registering for a free ticket, and then attending via the link we provide to your inbox.

The Critical Thinking Witch Collective Conference (CTWC Con) is a yearly paid event, showcasing about eight hours of learning, networking, and sharing. Hosted over a weekend of organized speakers and workshops, the Con includes opportunities for speakers and attendees to convene in breakout rooms throughout the weekend, with both freeform and guided conversations.

I don't know much yet, and I'm not sure I want to participate. Is that okay?

Of course! While we'd love you to jump in with both feet, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with doing this right away (or ever). We want you to participate to the extent that you are comfortable. Lurkers are welcome.

Relating to events themselves, feel free to take a break during the breakout rooms, and log back on for the speaker portion. You are also welcome to attend a breakout room and just listen. It's helpful to let the group know that you aren’t ready to participate in the conversation (so they don’t keep inviting you in out of a desire to build community), but otherwise feel free to observe respectfully.

The Conference costs more than I can afford, but I still want to participate. What are my options?

We provide scholarships to the Conference, so please feel free to apply. We'll notify everyone when scholarships are available, and then direct you to complete a short survey for us. Alternatively, if you are able to contribute to the Conference as a volunteer, we can offer you a ticket that way.

I would love to participate as a speaker. How may I?

Send an email to our general mailbox, and share your specialty and social media information. If we have space and feel you'd be a good fit, we would be happy to consider collaborating with you.

I'm a proprietor of witchy and witch-related stuff. Is there a place for me?

Absolutely! When vendor applications are active, a link will be present on the website. From there you'll be able to find out more information for being a vendor with us, and you'll be able to complete the vendor form.

Where does the money you make go?

There are numerous costs associated with putting on the events that we host. In addition, there are also technology-related costs. We are all truly volunteers, and none of the organizers and staff are paid. We all do this because we want to. We are proud to be a not-for-profit group, and all of the money made goes back to pay for community-related expenses and future events.

I have another question that you didn't cover here. What should I do?

We love questions!

If you have a question or concern about something we didn't cover above, feel free to contact us using the Contact link via the website. You may also email us directly by clicking here.

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