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Maya C. Amatvult



California (PST)

Agnostic, skeptical, analytical, happy Existentialist, logic-based kitchen, garden, hearth, and water witch.

An event manager by trade, a writer, writer coach, and writing teacher by passion, and a stubborn so-and-so by genetics. Her hair is curly, her tush is large, her orientation is pan, and her cats are her kids. She has been described as "CAUTION: Maya is helpful," so take that as you will.

Alex Wrekk



Oregon (PST)

Agnostic secular witch and soft animist with 15+ years of building a witchcraft practice.

Alex is a middle-aged vegan punk, friend to crows, tender of plants, altar building enthusiast, and craft beer indulger. Alex is the owner of Portland Button Works, PBW Zine Distro, and the PBW Witch Shop. She is an avid zinester, zines fest organizer, and Zine Librarian at the Archive of Witchcraft, Magic, and Occult Zines (AWMOZ).




United Kingdom (GMT/BST)

Lee is a non-binary, nontheist animist witch.

When they are not sharing the company of their fellow fantastic witches here, they run Do The Magical Thing:  a YouTube channel that encourages witches to understand magical theory but not shy away from the practical even if it feels a bit silly! Their practice focuses on simple daily magic, crafting magical tools, and making offerings to ancestors/spirits.

Lee is a strong proponent for gender-neutral terminology in witchcraft and an advocate accessible ancestor work.

Julie Bloomfield



Canada (ADT)

Julie Bloomfield is an explorer born too late to be discovering new coastlines by sail, and too early to be discovering strange new worlds by starship. Always attempting to learn more about the natural world we share, she is also a sci-fi, music, and ice cream fanatic. She focuses her craft on seeing and creating magic in everyday life. Her time is spent making all manner of things, be it paintings, tunes, stories, or social gatherings -- sometimes all at once. This tall gnome will untangle lumps of jewelry and try to rope others into all manner of fantastic adventures.

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Savannah Rayne



Washington (PST)

Savannah Rayne, or The DIY Witch as she’s known on social media, is a PNW based art witch, focusing on creating the magical within the mundane. Their message is always this: Magic is in the act of creation. Whether it’s their sculpted little fae monsters, or the podcast she runs, Not Quite Novelists, it’s the magic that’s done in inspiration and creativity that’s the most powerful, and should be shared.

Ana Mor



California (PST)

She knew she was a witch in her youth but never took to what the "cool" witches were into, finding her own way about things. She enjoys pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, info dumping about old vampire movies she grew up watching, books, collecting mugs, petting cats, and having awkward conversations with herself in public that often veer way off to the side without any sort of context while shooting chaotic bisexual finger guns at literally anything.

logo mark for the Critical Thinking Witch Collective: an icon of a cauldron with smoke forming above it in a swirling question mark shape.

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