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2023 CritWitchCon Speakers
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A grid of four images together: 1 - Logo for Portland Button Works featuring a log slice with tree rings and an imposed raven silhouette. 2 - Logo for Spiral House, a simple finger-paint-like house shape with similar style font. 3 - A digital illustration of Alex Wreck, a person with a black witch hat, long brown hair with blue and teal streaks on the underside, arm tattoos, and holding a red zine with the name Alex Week and a raven on the front. 4 - Text reading Portland Button Works & The Spiral House Shop.

Alex Wrekk

Portland Button Works & The Spiral House Shop, CTWC Organizer

Alex Wrekk is an agnostic secular witch and soft animist who spends a lot of time on Tumblr as upthewitchypunx.

Portland Button Works & The Spiral House Shop is run by Alex, out of The Spiral House in Portland, Oregon, USA (Ancestral land of Clackamas and Cowlitz people).


Amethyst Rhodes

A Work of Heart

Amethyst Rhodes (she/her) is a relatively new witch coming from a strong science and social justice background. She was raised by a mother who would’ve never called herself a witch, but nonetheless lived a pretty witchy life. Through her and Amethyst’s own inquisitive nature, she learned about different understandings of what we call the ‘spirit world’, faith vs. blind dogma, and the importance of discerning for one’s self what one’s path in this world should be (even if it meant not following her mother’s, or anyone else’s, advice).


Ana Mor

CTWC Organizer

Ana Mor (she/they) is a practical atheist witch, general weirdo, and perpetual student. She started practicing in her youth but never took to what the others were doing. She can often be found entertaining herself with shiny things, mugs, useless knowledge, horror movies, and smutty romance novels.


Bree NicGarran

Hex Positive, author of "Grovedaughter Witchery"

Bree NicGarran grew up in the wilds of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and now resides in Tidewater, VA. She is the host of the Hex Positive podcast and her breakout work, Grovedaughter Witchery, has been hailed by the online pagan community as a new standard text for beginner witches. She lives with her husband and two very spoiled ginger cats, and is very glad that none of them seem to mind having a pagan altar in the living room.



coin and candle

Coin (he/him) is a cat dad, plant parent, and forever student whose favorite pastimes are researching, writing, and crafting. He loves sharing notes with the communities he’s a part of and connecting with others.

With over 7 years of practice under his belt, Coin decided to start diving deep and researching witchcraft around 2019 and has been actively doing so since!


Daylina Miller

Witchy philosopher

Daylina Miller (they/them) is a full-time multimedia journalist at the Tampa NPR affiliate, where they’ve covered health and the LGBTQIA+ community for nearly ten years. They’ve also been a practicing atheist witch for the past 17 years and regularly help their coven mates research and debunk misinformation related to witchcraft.

Personally, they’re a huge tabletop role play gamer and are currently writing their own TTRPG.


Jul Bloomfield

CTWC Organizer

Jul Bloomfield is an atheist, secular, currently solitary, homey, kitchen, art/music/ice cream witch. Teacher (Science, ESL, ELA, Art, swimming), language school coordinator, course creator, host of raucous theme parties, and collector of heavy pointy sparkly things.


Lozzie Stardust

bihexual history

Laura Petchey, aka Lozzie Stardust, (she/they) is a witchy history nerd part ADHD Chaotic Goose Witch & part time co-host of the Stardust Sessions (on Hex Positive) out of GMT Time Zone. She is a returning contributor to Witch Con, and an amazing source of inspiration and motivational chaos.


Purple-toned photo of Lee with white text overlaid: Do The Magical Thing: on Youtube and Instagram. Experiments and experiences in witchcraft.

Lee Ignire

Do The Magical Thing, CTWC Organizer

Lee is a non-theist, non-binary Witch and runs Do The Magical Thing on YouTube. Topics vary from aggressive research to winging it. Lee’s magical practice primarily focuses on how we are connected to all things and how we can use that connection to communicate our will in a creative way.


A smiling woman leans into the image frame on the left edge, smiling at the camera. She has dark brunet hair, curly, and touched with purple and natural grey. In the background, slightly out of focus, as houseplants. The whole space is brightly lit by sunlight.

Maya Amatvult

CTWC Organizer

Maya Amatvult (she/her) is an agnostic, skeptical, analytical, science-minded, logic-based kitchen / garden / hearth / water witch who calls the universe ‘mamma,’ is happily neurodivergent, joyously queer, and is big-emotional about space robots (feel free to ask – she loves talking about them). She is an event manager by trade (for just about 20 years now), and is a writing professional by passion. Currently in an MBA program, she is a low-to-no accessory witch who believes in community building and supporting small businesses as a way of waving a middle finger at late stage capitalism.


Nina Zina

Echo Zines

Through her Echo Zines creative project, Nina produces zines, postcards, stickers, buttons, and spell bags (and she plays in the feminist witch punk band Lavender Witch!). The witch zines that Nina makes talk about herbal magic, amulets, self-love potions, mundane witchcraft, and personal reflections about skeptical witchery. Nina also sews and assembles spell bags with natural and repurposed ingredients to promote self-care and community care.


Sarah Best

The Skeptical Witch

Sarah (she/her) is a neurospicy witch, PhD student, and cat lover. She goes by the Skeptical Witch on YouTube, where she makes videos about witchcraft, religion and eco-spirituality. She is currently working on a dissertation about reverential naturalism and the convergence between religion, environmentalism, and science in today’s society.


Savannah Rayne

The DIY Witch

Savannah Rayne (she/they), or The DIY Witch as she’s known on social media, is a PNW based art witch, focusing on creating the magical within the mundane. Their message is always this: Magic is in the act of creation. Whether it’s their sculpted little fae monsters, or the podcast she runs, Not Quite Novelists, it’s the magic that’s done in inspiration and creativity that’s the most powerful, and should be shared.


Scorpio Amber

sustainability and resiliency

Scorpio (zi/zir/she/her) lives in the ancestral lands of the Penacook-Cowasuck band of the Wabinaki, in what is now called New England, USA. Zi has been a practicing witch for 10 years, mostly focused on ritual and grounding through connecting with the physical world around us. With a background in climate, community, and design, Scorpio orients her craft to principles of sustainability and resiliency.


Logo: Black and white illustration of a witch with glasses and the text Sedna Woo at bottom.


YouTube Vlog: SednaWoo

SednaWoo (she/her) has posted sporadically to Youtube since 2018.  She’s into skeptical witchery that lacks supernatural belief but also makes the odd video about other interests.  She mainly gives her opinion and shares thoughts about placebo witchcraft and how we can use ritual and aesthetic to hack our brains into being a little bit happier and more creative.


Tesni Rhys

Movement Witch

Tesni Rhys (sounds like TEZ-nee REES) (she/her) is a bi/pan, spoonie, eclectic witch, vegan, rat queen, and mouse matriarch. Her hobbies include so very many things. She earned 2nd Dan (Dahn) rank in Hapkido (HOP-kee-doh) and 1st Dan (Dahn) in Hankumdo (Hahn-gohm-doh). She also loves hiking, strength training, video and tabletop gaming (including D&D), playing ukulele, sci-fi, and the color pink. She’s also passionate about disability advocacy and animal rescue.


Tim Facey


Tim (he/him) found his way to witchcraft after looking for scientifically grounded ways to connect with the earth, the universe and other people.  The scientific approach informs almost every step of Tim’s practice but also leaves room for the magikal.  Tim sees his practise as continuing the long tradition of non-conformist thinking, openness to the natural world, a focus on feminism and diversity,  and the pursuit of self acceptance. 


Tristan Johnson

Mechanic of Mystery

Tristan (he/him) hasn’t yet provided a bio. So, we’ll share what we can of this mysterious witch; pipe fan, beard enthusiast, and car mechanic working mechanical magic somewhere in the middle of the US. Find out how much of this is true when you meet Tristan in the sessions noted below.


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